Top Tec ATF 1700

Top Tec ATF 1700



Top Tec ATF 1700

Fully synthetic automatic transmission oil with extremely high performance reserves. Provides high thermal stability, ensuring ideal ageing resistance. Secures maximum transmission performance. Excellent wear protection and favorable friction behavior. Guarantees maximum performance even with the longest oil-change intervals.

Intended use

Was developed primarily for use in commercial vehicle-, bus-, van automatic transmissions. Additional applications in part in hydraulic systems etc. Comply with the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer instructions.


Allison C4 ; Voith H55.6336.XX (G 1363 alt)


LIQUI MOLY also recommends this product for vehicles or assemblies for which the following specifications or original part numbers are required:
MAN 339 Typ V2 ; MAN 339 Typ Z3 ; MB 236.81 ; ZF TE-ML 02F ; ZF TE-ML 03D ; ZF TE-ML 04D ; ZF TE-ML 14C ; ZF TE-ML 16M ; ZF TE-ML 17C ; ZF TE-ML 20C

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet to article 3663 (EN)

Product picture

Product picture to article number 3663

Security data sheets

Security data sheet to article 3663 (EN) [1272/2008 – CLP]