Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (GL5) SAE 75W-90

Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (GL5) SAE 75W-90



Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (GL5) SAE 75W-90

Full synthetic transmission oil. Ensures exact friction behavior and provides outstanding ageing resistance. Even under the most difficult conditions and during large temperature fluctuations, it ensures flawless aggregate functioning. Greatest lubrication security, maximum wear protection through large viscosity bandwidth. Facilitates easy shifting and smoothest running.

Intended use

For highly stressed manual and auxiliary transmissions – especially for modern transaxle systems and axle drives without limited-slip differentials. Comply with the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer’s instructions.


API GL5 ; MIL-L 2105 C ; MIL-L 2105 D

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet to article 1413 (EN)

Product picture

Product picture to article number 1413

Security data sheets

Security data sheet to article 1413 (EN) [1272/2008 – CLP]